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First Aid & CPR Courses

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Provide CPR



No Online learning 2 hour course


Provide First Aid & CPR



Simple easy online learning and face to face practical assessment 4 hour course


Childhood First Aid & CPR



Simple easy online learning and face to face practical assessment 4 hour course

Convenient Locations

CPR and First Aid courses are available every day, seven days a week at our three training centers in Redcliffe, Logan, and Brisbane.

Logan First Aid Training

Give First Aid Training is conveniently located in Logan and offers professional CPR and first aid training for all workplace and industry requirements including childhood first aid. Established in 2013 Give First Aid Training is a privately owned and operated local business providing affordable first aid training at convenient locations. Give First Aid training has forged a name of excellence in the delivery of CPR and first aid training through our commitment to service and passion for saving people’s lives through exceptional first aid training.

First aid and CPR training is often required for your workplace. If you are involved in Education in the northern Brisbane and Logan schools or you are an educator in an early childhood centre First Aid and CPR are required for the safety of your children. Many occupations in construction require there workers to have a current first aid or CPR certificate. If you work in the Logan area completing your First Aid or CPR course with Give First Aid is fast, efficient and a great price First Aid and CPR Training. Sporting clubs and social clubs also often require at least 1 person on site to have been certificated in First Aid including CPR training and remain up to date with your CPR training every 12 months.

The national standard in workplaces is 1 out of every 10 people at a location must be First Aid or CPR trained. The First Aid and CPR training will assist you to understand and use tools like an AED,dressing perform high quality CPR that could save your workmates life.

First Aid and CPR training is also recommended for families, with your or older children. As much as the Queensland Ambulance Service can do a great job they can’t always get to you quickly, First Aid and CPR training has been proven countless times to save a life.

Records show that 80% any first aid including CPR is delivered by a person not involved in the health system (Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic) it will either be on your family or on your workmate. If you can find just 4 hours for the face to face training for the full first aid-Including CPR course or only 2 hours for the cpr only course we can teach you skills that may save the life of a person you know. First Aid and CPR training is often ONLY completed because a person needs it for their job, workplaces are much safer then home. Book a first Aid and CPR course today to help your family. If you have a child that is preparing for their drivers licence, shout them a First Aid and CPR course.
Give First Aid has the lowest prices of First Aid and CPR training but the highest quality of delivery.
Why, because we are concerned about making a difference. Some First Aid and CPR companies offer to beat low prices, ours are always low. Don’t be fooled by those trying to make a quick sale. Our training in First Aid and CPR skills is fun and engaging and is designed to teach you life saving skills. Give First Aid training strives to provide quality CPR and first aid training to individuals, groups and businesses with the intent of improving first aid awareness, knowledge and skills. We encourage the use of first aid in the home, at recreation and in the workplace, including childhood settings with the aim of reducing the incidence of injury and suffering caused by CPR, first aid events and accidents.

We are constantly upgrading our own CPR and first aid knowledge to reflect best practice and to be able to impart this to our clients in a practical and efficient manner. Our qualified first aid trainers
offer extensive background experience to provide our Logan students with the first aid skills and knowledge that is perfectly suited to facilitate high quality first aid. Our long term experience has allowed us to develop a unique CPR and first aid training experience that focuses on a hands-on and interactive approach through the prioritisation of practical CPR and first aid skills. At Give First Aid Training we have found this to be the most successful way to achieve

optimum learning outcomes and engage students from a wide range of cultural, educational and professional backgrounds. The commitment to our Logan students does not end when the first aid
training does, we make ourselves accessible for any questions or assistance long after the first aid training has ended. Give First Aid’s business philosophy is based on building long term working

relationships through not only fulfilling the training needs of our clients but exceeding them. Give First Aid Training offers discount and affordable CPR and first aid training at all times of the year with promotional rates available when booking now. By booking now you will receive your course at a discounted rate of only $90 for the First Aid course or $45 for your CPR training. Logan City is a local government area situated within the south of the Brisbane metropolitan area in South East Queensland, Australia. Situated between the City of Brisbane to the north and the City of Gold Coast to the south, the City also borders the Scenic Rim Region, the City of Ipswich, and Redland City LGAs

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